This article explores how fearism, an emerging philosophy can be used to address
different fear challenges that have engulfed societies in contemporary times. The
discourse focuses on three broad areas of human existential engagement where fear
has severely distorted good human relationships and suggested fearological
methodologies towards managing them. The focus areas include transculturalism,
transdisciplinarity and Transhumanism. Research on these areas shows that fear has
almost created double walls and boundaries among people of different cultural
backgrounds and ideologies. This new world of binary oppositions is, therefore, a
threat, not only to contemporary society, but to envisioned postmodern communities
where technology is assumed to have overtaken most social roles.

Each human existential challenge gives human beings opportunities to think, research,
suggest, or act towards finding a solution(s) in response to their emerging problem(s). Every

field of study like mathematics, physics, biology, economics, zoology and fine art, were
introduced as responses to different existential challenges within a given historical
dispensation. As new problems emerge, new means of managing or solving them also
emerge. Fearism as a philosophical movement is, an emerging school of thought for people
of the 21st century and beyond to contend with the problem of fear in general. For a clearer
understanding of the effects of fear, the paper examines fear inclusively.

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